Project Resource Allocation Request
Scientific Computing at Mount Sinai

Note: Starting with the July 2017 allocation cycle, PI's will be charged $195/1000GB/yr for storage which includes the cost of cpu and archive usage.

Your Mount Sinai fund charge number ( xxxx-yyyy ) for this project must be entered as the first "Fund" entry.

NIH funding sources should be entered as a Project Number ( E.g., 5R01CA012345-04 ) or an Application ID (E.g., 8515397 ).

This form is to be used by Principal Investigators to request compute and storage resources for a single research project. Submit a separate form for each individual project for which resources are being requested.

If this is a supplemental request to an existing project allocation, use the supplemental allocation request form.

A peer-review committee will allocate these resources based on scientific merit, financial impact, and effective use of resources.

More information about the resource allocation process, including an example of a completed request form, is available at

Principal Investigator

A principal investigator is the lead scientist or researcher for a project who takes direct responsibility for that project. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance issues, finances, research oversight, and reporting to funding agencies or department chairs on the outcome.

If you are not a principal investigator, and are not acting on behalf of a principal investigator, please contact for assistance.

Project researcher
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Resources requested
Resource Units Amount
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of the amount needed next year
of the estimated amount for next year
CPU time (Mothra) Wallclock core-hours
1 Mothra core-hour = 2.5 service units (SU)
CPU with GPU time (Mothra) Wallclock core-hours
1 Mothra core-hour = 2.5 service units (SU)
CPU time (Manda) Wallclock core-hours
1 Manda core-hour = 1 service units (SU)
CPU with GPU time (Manda) Wallclock core-hours
1 Manda core-hour = 1 service unit (SU)
High-speed project storage (Orga) Gigabytes
Cost= $195/TB/YR
Archival storage (TSM) Gigabytes
Assistance Hours
Publications related to this research Add an additional reference
Publications resulting from past work on Minerva Add an additional reference
Funding sources

Documenting project funding sources helps to demonstrate that Minerva is supporting funded research. Project funding is reported to the allocation committee and to the office of the dean.

New grant submissions should include compute and storage requirements. More information about the Minerva fee schedule is available on the Scientific Computing website at For assistance including Minerva in your grants, please contact

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Terms of use

Use of Minerva is subject to the following terms:


How has Minerva helped you so far? What more could we be doing? We'd love to hear from you, so let us know here!

These comments are not part of your allocation request. Any information required to evaluate your allocation request should be included above.