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December 2nd - 6th - TSM Outage
The IBM Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) system will be unavailable for the week of December 2nd.
During this PM, system admins will perform the following functions:

• Install a new TSM server
• Upgrade software and migrate data to the new server

Please plan your archive/retrieve activities ahead of time.

A full PM is scheduled for Tuesday, November 26th, from 8:00am – 8:00pm. During this time, we will perform the following tasks:

• Switch our current account manager from freeIPA to LDAP. This will solve the permission denied issue we have been experiencing when accessing project directories.
• Adjust our NFS setting for regen of data, in order to alleviate the I/O issue on the file system.

During this PM, the Minerva cluster will not be accessible, including queues, login nodes and file systems.

UPDATE to November 26th PM
External Users Only - Minerva login:

login: ssh
password: Your old LDAP password and YUBIKEY button push.

Please note: Your old LDAP password is what was used for minerva2 login “ssh

Your yipa suffix (ssh and IPA password will no longer work.

If you do not have your old LDAP password, please submit a ticket to

Thank you to all who attended today’s HPC Town Hall – Thursday, November 14th
For those unable to attend, please find a copy of the presentation here.

HPC Town Hall will be Thursday, November 14th from 2-3pm in Icahn building L14-84
Please join us for a discussion on our recent upgrades and enhancements to the Minerva cluster (including Chimera and BODE2 partitions) in 2019 as well as our plans for the future!

We will focus on the following topics:

• The status of Minerva infrastructure
• Known issues and solutions (including system performance and LSF scheduler)

There will be time at the end of the meeting for any questions and answers that you may have.

New login instructions - October 28th
Login to Minerva from outside campus (hop to li03c03 and li03c04 via minerva2):
Sinai users: ssh
External users: ssh

Orga is now native on Chimera side
i.e., the login node Minerva2 no longer has Orga mounted

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