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New and renewal allocation requests for the 2018-2019 allocation period must be made starting 1 May 2018 and ending 15 May 2018 on our allocation website.

The following two tutorials will be offered this year:

  • Introduction to Minerva:
    1pm on Mar 16, 2018, Icahn school of medicine building L3-82
    A broad stroke overview of how Minerva is set up; where to find things; how to submit a job.
    Slides for the Training Class
  • Basic LSF:
    Fall 2018
    Stuff just beyond the fundamentals that most should have found out by this course. Job arrays, self-scheduler, checkpoint, basic troubleshooting of common job problems.

We are happy to announce that we have purchased 4 PB of new data storage and 260 TB of new flash. This upgrade will add to the current ESS storage that has been recently added to provide a total of 9PB of storage. This will satiate the current demand of 8 PB project space and will provide the space needed after the retirement of our Flash, DDN10K and GSS systems (EOL in 2018).

The new data storage is composed by 1 rack of the newest IBM ESSGL6S system which is going to provide roughly 30% increase in performance in a drive to drive comparison.

The new flash storage is going to replace the old one granting more read/write bandwidth and storage space to the metadata tier.

We will keep you posted on the timeline and outages necessary to incorporate this new storage in Minerva.

We do not backup user data. It is the users' responsibility to ensure data is backed up in accordance with their funding agency or private organization requirements. Refer to "Preserving Data: Who’s Got Your Back(up)?" for helpful hints in developing your individual backup strategy.

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