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Chimera is open to all user
The Chimera compute partition is open to all users on April 1, 2019.
Town Hall Slides:
Slides for training class “Introduction to Chimera”:
Minerva old partition will be retired on July 1st.

2019-2020 Resource Allocation Renewals: New and renewal allocation requests must be made between April 15 2019 and April 30 2019
The annual renewal of allocations on Minerva will be started April 15 2019 and ending April 30 2019 on our allocation website at
The purpose of this renewal is to re-balance the limited resources of Minerva in accordance with the institutional priorities. All Minerva PIs need to submit an allocation request before the deadline.

GPU node in Chimera partition
The interactive GPU node is accessible by:
$ bsub -q interactive -W 01:00 -n 1 -R v100 -R rusage[ngpus_excl_p=1] -Is /bin/bash
The GPU compute node is accessible by:
$ bsub -q gpu -n 1 -R rusage[ngpus_excl_p=1] -W 00:10 echo “Hello World”
$ bsub -q gpu -n 1 -R v100 -R rusage[ngpus_excl_p=1] -W 00:10 echo “Hello World”
We will slowly move the rest of the v100 GPU nodes to Chimera partition.

TSM files expire in 2019
The TSM files that were archived in 2013 will expire in 2019. A reminder email will be sent to users 3 months ahead. There is no simple command to extend the file expiration date. If you would like to keep these files, you will need to retrieve them to disk and archive again. If you would like to query other users’ archived files, please send in a ticket.

Amazon AWS transfers from Minerva
If you are copying large amounts of data to or from Amazon AWS, then please keep an upper limit of 100MB/s via your AWS CLI configuration. Minerva is a shared environment and aggressive uploads from some processes is bound to throttle performance for everyone else.

We do not backup user data. It is the users' responsibility to ensure data is backed up in accordance with their funding agency or private organization requirements. Refer to "Preserving Data: Who’s Got Your Back(up)?" for helpful hints in developing your individual backup strategy.

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