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Announcements & Reminders


01 March 2018 - 01 Apirl 2018: Demeter Maintenance
We will be taking Demeter offline to perform a long pending upgrade on the cluster. This is necessary to provide a good user experience for any future use of Demeter as a community cluster. We expect it to be down until the re-installation and upgrade is complete. We will continue to provide updates on our progress during this time.


Feb 26 2018, Mon: New quota policy (15T per user) in place for scratch.
Over the last few weeks, scratch usage on Orga (/sc/orga/scratch) frequently reached its ceiling. This causes unnecessary errors for users who rely on it to pull large data temporarily. To ameliorate the issue, we are going to implement a per-user quota (15T) in the scratch folders in Orga. This fair share policy is to avoid any one user from consuming all off the scratch space and reduce related job failures.

New script "showquota" available.
To check your GPFS quotas, you can run the "showquota" command. For details, please refer to our documentation page .

Introductory Tutorial Schedules
The following two tutorials will be offered this year:

  • Introduction to Minerva:
    1pm on Mar 16, 2018, Icahn school of medicine building L3-82
    A broad stroke overview of how Minerva is set up; where to find things; how to submit a job.
  • Basic LSF:
    Fall 2018
    Stuff just beyond the fundamentals that most should have found out by this course. Job arrays, self-scheduler, checkpoint, basic troubleshooting of common job problems.

Minerva User Group
In Minerva User Group Meeting 2018, we presented HPC team's accomplishment, Minerva usage status, and user survey results for last year. We also elabrated our roadmap for 2018, which includes:

  • Compute and storage upgrade
  • OS upgrade and package rebuild
  • Demeter data science cluster
  • Cloud services such as VM, Spark and containers (Docker/Shifter)
  • Documentation and tutorial sessions

For details, please refer to the slides.

New Storage is arriving
We are happy to announce that we have purchased 4 PB of new data storage and 260 TB of new flash. This upgrade will add to the current ESS storage that has been recently added to provide a total of 9PB of storage. This will satiate the current demand of 8 PB project space and will provide the space needed after the retirement of our Flash, DDN10K and GSS systems (EOL in 2018).

The new data storage is composed by 1 rack of the newest IBM ESSGL6S system which is going to provide roughly 30% increase in performance in a drive to drive comparison.

The new flash storage is going to replace the old one granting more read/write bandwidth and storage space to the metadata tier.

We will keep you posted on the timeline and outages necessary to incorporate this new storage in Minerva.


To offset a portion of the investment that Sinai has made, we are requesting that researchers include funding in their grants for Scientific Computing. Please refer to the attached fee schedule which needs to be included in grants that plan to use Minerva or Scientific Computing’s resources. You will only be charged for the specific amount of resources that you use. If you require dedicated nodes or storage, we will also integrate new nodes dedicated to your research into our infrastructure. Please contact Patricia Kovatch for a letter of support or any dedicated computing resources. We greatly appreciate your assistance to make this endeavor sustainable.

Fee Schedule for Grants

In addition, a New Project Information Sheet (below) needs to be filled out by the PI PRIOR to the start date so we can properly bill grant funds.

New Project Information Sheet

Collecting scientific published papers is one of our important metrics to show our value to the school, so we really need this list to be a true reflection of the value of the Scientific Computing facility to the Sinai scientific community. If you have a paper that has been published using our resources that we can add to this list, please send details to

An acknowledgement of support from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai should appear in a publication of any material, whether copyrighted or not, based on or developed with Mount Sinai-supported computing resources. Please use the following statement: “This work was supported in part through the computational resources and staff expertise provided by the Department of Scientific Computing at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.”

The Department of Scientific Computing offers direct development of scientific software projects at a rate of $100/hr. Initial consulting will be offered free for one hour in order to define the project and estimate its time and resource requirements. This service and its fees apply to novel code building, porting of existing code, and performance tuning over and above standard scientific computing administration, such as troubleshooting, installing software, and debugging for Minerva. If you are interested in setting up a consultation, please email and one of our staff will get in touch with you.

There have been occasions when users have been monopolizing the interactive nodes to the point that others cannot gain access. These nodes are a limited resource and are intended to facilitate the occasional need to interact with programs in real time for purposes such as debugging or data exploration. Please be considerate of others not yet logged on when launching tasks on interactive1 and interactive2.

If you notice someone who may be pushing the limits, please send a note to and someone in Scientific Computing will address the issue.

A reminder, /scratch and /projects are both in the GPFS file system. GPFS has minimal protection and explicitly does not guard against data loss or corruption. Please use the archival storage system called TSM to make a copy of any important files. Please click here for more information.

PM Reminder: There will be periodic scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) sessions on Tuesdays, beginning at at 8 am to update software (including security patches) and other hardware fixes. Advanced notice of PMs will be announced in advance and a notice will be sent to the Minerva mailing list.

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