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BSR1015 - Intro to Scientific Computing


Introduction to Scientific Computing is a one-credit (elective) class. The class meets twice a week for 90 minutes.

This course provides an introduction to Sinai’s scientific computing environment to enable effective use of our computational and data resources including the Minerva supercomputer. Assuming no prior computing experience, the course will introduce modern compute environments including UNIX fundamentals, the architectures of high performance computing, queuing systems, shell scripting, and programming in Python. Students will gain significant understanding and experience with Sinai’s Minerva supercomputer. Emphasis will be placed on real-world practicality by motivating study with examples and tasks relevant to bioinformatics and structural biology. The student will develop both a solid conceptual foundation and experience solving real problems by the end of the class.

Click here for the Fall 2015 Syllabus for BSR1015 - Introduction to Scientific Computing

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