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In Minerva we support Singularity. It is currently available on data2 and the compute nodes on test-centos7 queue and will be provided in Chimera compute partition in 2019.

To pull a singularity image:

# pull with default name, vsoch-hello-world-master.simg
$ singularity pull shub://vsoch/hello-world
# pull with custom name
$ singularity pull --name hello.simg shub://vsoch/hello-world

To run a simg:

$ singularity run hello-world.simg
$ ./hello-world.simg

Note that /tmp and user home directory is automatically mounted into the singularity image but not orga. If you would like to get a shell with orga mounted in the image, use command:

$ singularity shell -B /sc/orga/project/xxx hello.simg

Singularity build is not supported for normal users due to the sudo privileges. If you would like to build a new image or convert a docker image, you can use Singularity Hub. After registering an account on Singularity Hub, you can pull or upload your recipe, trigger the singularity build and download the image afterwards.

For full documentation of singularity, please refer to Singularity website

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