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SAS Remote Browser Server

Installing the SAS(r) Remote Browser Server


Download the Remote Browser Server zip file from here, Unzip it in a suitable folder. This zip file contains both the Windows and Linux server.


What is the Remote Browser Server?

The SAS Remote Browser Server is a software agent that enables SAS sessions
running on remote servers to display HTML content on your desktop computer.
HTML content includes SAS Help and Documentation, ODS HTML output, and
URLs viewed via the WBROWSE statement.

The remote browser server ("RBS") runs on Windows and Linux desktop platforms.
The Windows version is a WIN32 application that resides in the system tray
and uses Internet Explorer or Firefox
to display HTML content. The Linux version is a Motif application that uses Firefox
to display content.

Running The Installer: Windows

Run WindowsInstall.exe to install the RBS. The installer will
copy the application into the install directory, and then run the RBS so it is
ready for your next SAS session. It will also create a shortcut in the Startup program
group of the Start menu so that it will restart on your next login.

Running the Installer: Linux

Run from a terminal window to start the installer. You do not have
to do this as root. The installer will ask if sudo should be used
when copying files/directories
(e.g. when installing to /usr/local/bin, which is usually owned by root).

After the installer completes, the RBS can be started.
You also might want to add the "rbrowser" executable to your windowing
environment startup sequence so that it will be available on subsequent logins. Consult
your Linux documentation to find out how to customize the windowing environment.

Note: If Firefox is not in your PATH environment variable, then you will need to configure
the Remote Browser Server so that it can run Firefox. Click on the Remote Browser Server
icon to restore the window, then select File -> Preferences to open the preferences
window. Enter the path in the "Browser Path:" field or click the "Browse..." button to
select the path from the file dialog.

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