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By the numbers

Total number of nodes: 548
Total number of cores: 13120
Total number of storage space: 11PB

Details about the nodes:
120 nodes with 64 cores AMD Interlagos and 256GB RAM each

209 nodes with 12 cores Intel Ivy Bridge and 64GB RAM each
8 GPGPU nodes with 24 cores Intel Ivy Bridge and 256GB RAM each

207 nodes with 12 cores Intel Haswell and 64GB RAM each

Whether you are interested in the hardware specifications or the software available on Minerva; or the very basic information needed to run your jobs on Big Omics Data Engine (BODE), you will find this information at each of the respective links below.

Minerva Hardware & Technical Specifications

BODE Specific Documentation

Orga Filesystem Specifications

Minerva Available Software

Minerva Available Services

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