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By the numbers

Total number of nodes: 548
Total number of cores: 13120
Total number of storage space: ~14PB

Details about the nodes:
120 nodes with 64 cores AMD Interlagos and 256GB RAM each

209 nodes with 12 cores Intel Ivy Bridge and 64GB RAM each
8 GPGPU nodes with 2 x NVIDIA K20Xm, 24 cores Intel Ivy Bridge and 256GB RAM each
1 GPGPU node with 4 x NVIDIA P100, 20 Intel Broadwell cores and 128 GB RAM
1 High-Memory node with 1.7 TB memory and 16 Intel Broadwell cores @ 3.2GHz

207 nodes with 12 cores Intel Haswell and 64GB RAM each

Whether you are interested in the hardware specifications or the software available on Minerva; or the very basic information needed to run your jobs on Big Omics Data Engine (BODE), you will find this information at each of the respective links below.

Minerva Hardware & Technical Specifications

BODE Specific Documentation

Orga Filesystem Specifications

Minerva Available Software

Minerva Available Services

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